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Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

Upholstery and carpet are the less frequently washed accessories in your home, even though they are the most used items. Sitting on sofas and chairs every day can not only make them dirty from the outside but can also prevail the growth of deadly microbes.

Upholstery cleaning is essential to keep your family or employees protected. You can rely on a credible cleaning company like us for this purpose. At the end of the cleanup, your material will be much neater, brighter, and healthier. We also owe to remove both dry and sticky stains and foul odors.

Our Detailed Upholstery Cleaning Services in Gurnee

Just like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning also requires precision and the latest detergents. Bill’s Cleaning and Flood Restoration Service company is well-versed in these metrics. We use the latest highly-active detergents that kill the germs from your fabric without damaging its texture or appearance.

We also provide professional leather upholstery cleaning services in Gurnee. Our products are first-rate, pH balanced, and specially formulated for different fabrics. In addition, our procedure is also detailed with step-by-step management of each factor. First, we vacuum your material, then wash it thoroughly, and finally, our cleaners use advanced disinfectants to kill the microbes from the root. In short, you can expect an in-depth upholstery cleaning service from us.

The Best Cleaning Professionals in Gurnee

The technicians at our agency are trained to care for your furniture. They are also experienced in treating all kinds of upholstery materials, whether leather, cotton, silk, or any other fabric. Getting your accessories in their hands means expecting exceptional results.

Upholstery Cleaning with Bill’s Cleaning and Flood Restoration Service provides you with the highest standard of service in the care. When choosing a company for your home needs, the reviews and ratings hold an essential place. In our case, you will find us highly recommended by locals and non-natives alike. Trusting us means getting 100% reliable services. So, for quality residential and commercial upholstery cleaning services in Gurnee, get in touch with us now!


Service includes water extraction, mold remediation, water removal, odor control and removal. If water has flooded your basement or carpet area it is important to remove water fast. After the water extraction or water removal has been done the area will be treated with micro-ban disinfectant. This will stop odor and kill any mold that is caused by the water damage or water flood damage.

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