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Excellent Services Across Carpet Cleaning Libertyville

Bills Cleaning and Flood Services is your go-to brand if you wish to find the best services across Canada. Our services are affordable without cutting on quality. Moreover, we have no hidden charges. You can select a package for routine and special cleaning on occasion. Our workers will make a personalized plan for your area per your needs and budget. 

Our carpet cleaners undergo individual steps carefully to produce a final result. Following is a detailed look at how we clean your carpets;

·        Assessment 

First and foremost, we arrive at your doorsteps and assess the area that needs cleaning. This step is crucial. It involves a complete evaluation of every factor necessary for carrying out the task effectively. Our workers check the mats’ size, area, time limit, and dirt level. It helps them decide which tools and cleaners will work the most effectively on your carpets. 

·        Preparation 

The next phase involves preparing the cleaning materials. Depending upon the evaluation results, our workers will choose the most suitable cleaning tools. It also depends on your budget and the package you choose. If the carpet needs moving out or new paddings installation, the professionals will arrange it accordingly. Protecting your home devices from cleaning water is also included in this step. 

·        Pre-vacuum 

Before the treatment, the fibers are pre-vacuumed to remove any visible dust or soil particles.

·        Treatment

The treatment phase involves thoroughly cleaning the carpets, mats, and rugs using soaps and detergents. Workers use various tools and techniques to ensure they wash them properly. For heavy commercial carpets, machines are used. 

·        Rinsing

Once they have cleaned the carpet and no more dirt comes off from it, workers rinse it properly with water several times.        

·        Drying

Most companies lack resources for this step. However, Bills Cleaning and Flood Services have excellent high-end rotary equipment that dries the inside materials within a few hours. 

Now that you know how we work, you can see that our services lie among the top companies of Carpet Cleaning Libertyville. This enables you to seek our services for both residential and commercial uses. So, get in touch with us for the quickest carpet cleaning services in Libertyville.  


Service includes water extraction, mold remediation, water removal, odor control and removal. If water has flooded your basement or carpet area it is important to remove water fast. After the water extraction or water removal has been done the area will be treated with micro-ban disinfectant. This will stop odor and kill any mold that is caused by the water damage or water flood damage.

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